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Our mission is to create an international movement to support, empower and unite women and girls around the world who are passionately devoted to wildlife and conservation.                                   


Our Story

Women around the world are joining together to create a collective voice for wildlife conservation. 
Uniting as a movement and rising as a community, women and girls are leading the way towards a new approach to the protection and conservation of global wildlife. 


Founded in 2015 by wildlife biologist Jennifer Palmer, Women for Wildlife offers a new way for women who care about wildlife conservation to be supported through community, recognition, experience, mentorship, and inspiration. Through online platforms, trainings, workshops, expeditions, and events, we offer the opportunity for women and girls to come together to create impact, shine a light and stand in their power. Women working to protect wildlife now have the opportunity to see and be seen, and express their voice and vision.

Scientists, photographers, indigenous leaders, artists, activists, students, filmmakers, tourism operators, business owners, musicians, dancers, adventurers and explorers — all hold a key role to the future of thousands of species on the planet. The women in these roles are changing the world with courage, determination, and a fierce belief that they can make a difference.


Yet, women and girls in communities worldwide face monumental challenges in this field and must overcome many obstacles to be in positions of leadership — gender discrimination, sexism, harassment, cultural barriers, education, funding and equal opportunity… just to name a few.


Each and every woman — regardless of age, race, religion or region — has a certain strength and light to bring to the world. By collectively joining together on issue as urgent and timely as wildlife conservation, we all will become a unified force of nature. 

With a strong, global community of women who work collectively on wildlife issues, more wildlife will be protected, more communities will shine and more women will be empowered.


Our Programs

Women for Wildlife visionaries are the heroines of today's wildlife world — a nominated and featured collection of women who stand up for what they believe in, even in the face of adversity. These women greatly contribute to the protection and conservation of wildlife and work tirelessly to create a better world. We support their efforts, amplify their voices and share their stories through multimedia outlets.

Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters offer a way for like minded women to unite together and build a community around their passion for wildlife and conservation. Women for Wildlife has launched online regional chapters for Europe, Africa, Oceania, India and San Francisco/Bay Area, with scope to launch future chapters in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Members of these chapters  exchange best practices, share their own stories and offer support at a regional level.


Girls in Science Programs

Girls are the future of science and conservation. Yet, according to the United Nations, women and girls continue to be excluded from participating fully in science. Women for Wildlife actively participates in Girls in Science programs across the United States and co-created an inspiring Girls in Science Summer Camp for ages 8 to 11. Future programs throughout the US and in other countries, as well as the use of webinar sessions, are part of the vision for expanding our student programs and mentorships.


Workshops and Trainings

In partnership with zoos, aquariums, nonprofits and government agencies, Women for Wildlife is currently developing workshops and trainings to better train women in conservation. In 2017, Women for Wildlife helped facilitate the first ever ‘Women in the Outdoors Summit for Empowerment,’ in 2018 we assisted with professional development across four countries in Southern Africa, and in 2019 we are leading multiple summits for young women professionals in the field of conservation.



We partner with nonprofits and eco-conscious businesses to create transformative women-led expeditions with a focus on wildlife conservation, adventure and culture. Expeditions offer the opportunity to connect with women-led conservation initiatives and directly contribute to on-the-ground wildlife projects through collaborative efforts, shared knowledge and applied experiences and workshops (including photography/film/media/fundraising).

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